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Yarnspinners Tales's Podcast

Welcome!  This is a periodic podcast all about my experiences making yarn through the process of spinning.  All areas of the process are discussed, and there will be something here for any spinner, novice or experienced.  There is a Ravelry group for podcast listeners, called Yarnspinnerstales Spin In. Please join us there.

If you are a current listener and have not been receiving automatic updates, please go to iTunes or Stitcher, and under podcasts search for Yarnspinners Tales Podcast.  It should show up and you can subscribe again.

If you like to download and listen off line, check out the new player here on the webpage by each episode, it has a nifty download button now! 

Episode listings

Dec 26, 2013

Episode 1 Using Combs / Shetland
Episode 2 Spin In
Episode 3 Raising Angora Rabbits
Episode 4 Christmas Music 2 episodes
Episode 5 Spinning Angora
Episode 6 Spin In Border Leicester and BFL
Episode 7 Skirting a Shetland Fleece
Episode 8 Spin In Cheviot and Corriedale
Episode 9 Washing a Fleece
Episode 10 Spin In Finn and Perendale
Episode 11 Book Reviews: Your Handspinning/ Creative Spinning, Weaving & Plant Dyeing/ The Encyclopedia of Handspinning
Episode 12 Cotton Dyeing Part I Chemical Dyes
Episode 13 Cotton Dyeing Part II Natural Dyes
Episode 14 Spin In Cormo and Montadale
Episode 15 Cotton Spinning/Preparation Techniques
Episode 16 Spin In Romney and Targhee
Episode 17 Andean Plying, Picking a Fleece, Spinning Bulky Yarn
Episode 18 Spin In CVM and Maine Island Sheep
Episode 19 Wheels: How they work
Episode 20 Spin In Navajo Churro and Jacob
Episode 21 Felting a Fleece
Episode 22 Spin In Alpaca
Episode 23 Drop Spindles
Episode 24 Spinning and Dyeing Silk
Episode 25 Spin In Cashgora
Episode 26 Spinning Woolen vs Worsted
Episode 27 Spin In Tunis and Karakul
Epidose 28 Dyeing Wool / Discolored Fleeces
Episode 29 Spin In Wheels at the Woolery / Spaelsau and Icelandic
Episode 30 Plying
Episode 31 Bamboo and Tencel
Episode 32 Silk, Soy and Milk
Episode 33 Spin In Dog Hair / Spinning Designer Yarns and The Intentional Spinner
Episode 34 Carding and blending fibers
Episode 35 Spin In Helping Angora Bunnies Beat the Heat / Washing Alpaca Fiber
Episode 36 Spinning with a charkha
Episode 37 Spin In breed reviewed: Southdown, Polworth Setting up my wheel before spinning
Episode 38 Selecting a wool fleece part 1
Episode 39 Selecting non wool fiber to spin, storing fiber, original ghost story
Episode 40 Spinning for a specific type of yarn
Episode 41 Discussing grist
Episode 42 Changing the size of your yarn by adjusting tension
Episode 43 Spinner’s block, unlocking the creative juices
Episode 44 Fiber Fairs
Episode 45 Spin In Breeds Coopworth and Polypay review
Episode 46 Spinning Tools
Episode 47 Book Reviews Jenny Dean’s Natural Dyeing Books also American Native Plants
Episode 48 Planning a Dye Day
Episode 49 Carbonized bamboo, Tour de fleece projects History of the wheels I own
Episode 50 Dye Day 1 Dyeing with saran wrap
Episode 51 Dye Day 2 Dyeing specific colors, the tertiary colors
Episode 52 Dye Day 3 Natural Dyeing with walnut leaves
Episode 53 Front Porch spin in Creativity
Episode 54 Color Theory with Digitaldurga
Episode 55 Color Theory part 2
Episode 56 Blending the Tertiary colors
Episode 57 Blending Hackle
Episode 58 Different types of fiber combs
Episode 59 Washing and combing five different sheep breeds (lock washing in roaster pan)
Episode 60 Spinners’ single study, and Forsyth products review
Episode 61 A New Wheel Majacraft Aura
Episode 62 Rare breed review, Black Welsh Mountain and Clun Forest
Episode 63 Lock and Fold Spinning
Episode 64 Interview with Oogie McGuire Black Welsh Mountain Sheep breeder
Episode 65 A Podcast for knitters who want to become spinners
Episode 66 Learning curve for the Aura and beaded yarn
Episode 67 Spinning Woolen
Special Episode - Happy Fourth Year, YST!
Episode 68 Interviews with two scholar spinners
Episode 69 Four reviews (Leicester longwool, Lincoln wool, a spinning DVD and my trip to Stitches East)
Episode 70 Drum Carding Projects
Episode 71 Digital Sheep
Episode 72 Support Spindles
Episode 73 Chatting with the Fiber folkd
Episode 74 Let the Games Begin (Tour de Fleece 2012)
Episode 75 The Wheel Keeps Spinning (TdF 2)
Episode 76 Listen to your Inner Spinner (TdF 3)
Episode 77 Is it Rest Day yet (TdF 4)
Episode 78 Two types of plying (TdF 5)
Episode 79 How the Fiber Talks to Me (TdF6)
Episode 80 Finished Yarn and Fractal Spinning (TdF7)
Episode 81 The Finish Line (TdF8)
Episode 82 Ravellenic review part 1 Breed review California Red and combing CVM two ways
Episode 83 Ravellenic review part 2 Breed review Ryeland and Salish
Episode 84 Positive Spin: YST on Stash naming
Episode 85 Five Year Anniversary podcast
Episode 86 Katahdan review and porch spin in
Episode 87 A Frest Start Wrap up of 2012 spinning
Episode 88 A Good Exchange Review of a past angora exchange
Episode 89 Thin thinner thinnest: Review of a froghair spinning exchange
Episode 90 Plying with commercial yarns
Episode 91 YST The more I teach the more I learn
Episode 92 Sometimes you make a yarn sometimes you don't: Chain plying
Episode 93 Preparing for TdF 2013
Episode 94 TdF13 Days one and two
Episode 95 TdF13 days three through five
Episode 96 TdF13 days six through nine
Episode 97 TdF13 Babies and bobbins:traveling and spinning
Episode 98 TdF13 Final report
Episode 99 Book review Hand Designs for Spinners and Knitters
Episode 100 Finishing Yarn