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Week three and the final week of the TdF found me washing more fleece, and finally spinning some yarn.

Photos will be on my blog.

Music is from Music Alley  Interlude music is Someday by Stan Williams.  Closing song is Waiting for Someday by Lee Alexander

The Spinners Journal, is the book I created to help you keep track of all of your spinning projects.  Check it out!

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YST Episode 97 TdF catch up report

Homelife, work, travel, but still spinning!

Music is from Music Alley.  The song is Day by Day and is composed and performed by Vitor Cunha.

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A quick update of my fiber persuits during days six through nine of the Tour de Fleece.

Todays's music interlude is Five More Minutes by Brandon Wolfe and can be found on Music Alley.  I couldn't resist the title.  After all knitters are always saying, let me just finish this row, but we spinners' really can't get away with 'let me finish this bobbin'.  So....Five Minutes More.

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The real challenge came along with Monday, combining these TdF goals along with the day job!

Today's music is Wheels by inglas and can be found on Music Alley.

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We're off and spinning fiber into yarn as the cyclist tour France.  I have set daily goals and hope to release reports periodically during the TdF.

Music today is Mountains by Katy Pfaffl and can be found on MusicAlley.

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