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Yarnspinners Tales's Podcast

Welcome!  This is a periodic podcast all about my experiences making yarn through the process of spinning.  All areas of the process are discussed, and there will be something here for any spinner, novice or experienced.  There is a Ravelry group for podcast listeners, called Yarnspinnerstales Spin In. Please join us there.

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Dec 18, 2009

Two spinning wheels and the same experiment, spinning a specific diameter of yarn by changing only the tension on the wheel.  The first wheel used is the Roberta electric spinning wheel and I talk about that experience in the first part of this podcast.  In the second part I record the experiment as I am trying it on my Haldane spinning wheel.  In both cases I found that it really does work, and can change the way you look at your spinning wheels' capabilities.

Photos of the samples spun on both spinning wheels can be seen on my blog.  And if you want to try it yourself, the same fiber is for sale at my artfire store, Zavagantstudio as well as other wonderful fibers for spinners and handspun yarns for knitters.

And it's Christmas, well almost and I can not pass by the opportunity to share some of the music I found and loved for the season.  All music comes from the podsafe music network Music Alley and is full of the season's wonderful sounds.

Opening song is Carol of the Bells by Inner Splendor Celtic Christmas.

Interlude song is by a husband and wife harpist team, Two Harps who play Twelve Days of Christmas.

The closing song is We Wish you a Merry Christmas by Rusty Bladen.

And there's a bonus track, by the great music collective the FuMP called Santa's going to telecommute the Christmas.

Happy Holidays, and happy spinning!

tabs tebay
fourteen and a half years ago

Hi, just sent a message via ravelry, great podcast! can\\\'t wait to start experimenting!Looking forward to the next episode:)