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There are two new products out for those of us that process raw fiber, DRB wool shampoo and the Wash and Dye.  I had the opportunity to try both and loved them so much I contacted Natalie Redding of Namaste Farms, the source of these products for an interview.  In this podcast, I talk to Natalie, via Skype. In the second part of the podcast I talk about my experiences using both products.

Here's a direct link to the wool shampoo website, where you can buy the products.

Other links for this podcast include: Namaste Farms and Fibery Goodness. 

Music in the podcast is from MusicAlley.

The opening interlude music is Nano Flowers by The DJ's.

Deep Space Ocean provides Live Free.

I chose the closing song, Techno Canon by DanMan because it is a great blending of the new meets the old. There is so much of that now in spinning, the new fiber community members bringing improvements to our craft.

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