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It's tour time again, no not the spinning rock band, but the Tour de France.  And that means Tour de Fleece is rolling too.  In this podcast I give a synopsis of what I hope to accomplish during the next three weeks.

I also was in a wonderful fiber swap, and I talk all about the box I sent, and the box I got.

A few links for things I mention in this podcast:

My blog is here.

I will try a link to my Ravelry group, please be logged into Ravelry before clicking the link, then it should work.  It is yarnspinnerstales spin in, if you want to search groups.  It's a very good way to access a listing of past episodes, and I tell you how to find that in the podcast.

The Clouds of Luxury fibers came from Sericin on the Etsy store.  You may have to special request the item.

I will be recording podcasts during the TdF but will not be releasing them until after the tour.  This will give me time to do more of the spinning I want to do during the tour. See you in August!

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