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YST Episode 52 Walnut Leaf and Indigo dyeing of fiber

The last part of the three part fiber dyeing series discusses my experiences with using walnut leaves (and mordants) to produce the lovely colors shown in this photo.  I also talk about making and using the 'quick' version of an indigo dyepot, a totally magical dyeing experience, since the fiber comes out of the pot one color and turns blue as it sits in the air.

I also spend a bit of time talking about just how fiber feels after it's been dyed and dried, how not to felt it, and how to get it back in shape for spinning.

Music in today's podcast is from the podsafe music network 

The interlude music is called Living Color by Doug Astrop

The closing song is So Color Me by Tenth Hour Calling

Thanks to all my wonderful listeners for your comments, suggestions and questions!

Until later....happy spinning.


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