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Yarnspinners Tales's Podcast

Welcome!  This is a periodic podcast all about my experiences making yarn through the process of spinning.  All areas of the process are discussed, and there will be something here for any spinner, novice or experienced.  There is a Ravelry group for podcast listeners, called Yarnspinnerstales Spin In. Please join us there.

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If you like to download and listen off line, check out the new player here on the webpage by each episode, it has a nifty download button now! 

Jan 23, 2020

Happy New Year! 2020 oh my.  I start out this podcast with a yarnspinnerstales, about seeing life with perfect vision.

And speaking of new, Santa brought a brand new mic set up for the YST studio.  It meant a new learning curve, and I think the sound will improve more as I work with it, but all in all I am happy with...

Episode list

Jan 5, 2020

When you go to my web page there is a drop down box in the upper right of the page.  In that, you can find archives.  You will need to know the date of the podcast you want to find, then in those archives, go to that year and month.  In that area you will find the specific podcast you are looking...

Nov 18, 2019

The book Spinning Wool beyond the Basics is by Anne Field.  This podcast is a review of the book.

There are two editions of this book.  The first, published in 2010 by Trafalgar Square Publishing is shown here on Ebay.  Google book link is here.

The second edition was published by A & C Black Publishers.  It seems to...

Nov 3, 2019

This podcast continues from episode 164, for Oct 2019.  I talk about a few problems I had to solve during the Spin Together, with my wheel and spinning. 

The strange title of this podcast. is all about a major reorganization I did of my fiber.

The 100 year shawl along I mention, can be found as a group on Facebook. ...

Oct 29, 2019

So much happening on the spinning front for me this month, that I needed two podcasts to talk about it all.  So this is the first one, and Episode 165 will continue with more spinning goodness.

As promised, some links to people mentioned in the podcast:

A lovely squishy package arrived at my house one day full of Baby...