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YST Episode 1  Combing Shetland Fleece

Big Scary Five Pitch Combs and Halloween music, Oh MY!

Join me on my front porch and listen to my detailed explaination of how I use base held large combs for making top from  Shetland wool.  Then enjoy some Halloween music from the Podsafe music network, while either trying your own combing, or just enjoying the music.

A few pictures of the combing process have been posted on my Oct 27th entry of my blog.

All podsafe music used can be found here.

Websites for the musicians in the podcast are:

Well I Wouldn't Call them Demon by DeepSeaDust

Frankenstein's in the Mood by Beau Hall

Halloween by The Coffinshakers

Halloween is Awesome by Hyper Nonsense

And special thanks to Clare Dowling for her Spinning Song used as my Intro music.

Join me in several weeks for a spin along, as I light a fire in my living room fireplace, and talk and spin on one of my wheels.  See you then!

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Welcome to the first podcast for Yarnspinners Tales.  This is a beta test of everything involved to put together a podcast, and I go into some of the details, plus talk a little about the format for future podcasts.  And in between all that, there is some music that I have enjoyed and hope you will too.  Just try and make it through the day without rehumming the Refrigerator Blues!

The next and official first episode of Yarnspinners Tales will be about combing fiber with large pitch combs.  So grab your combs and fiber and join me.

All music in this podcast is from the Podsafe Music Network. If you liked what you heard, go to the website and support the musicians.  Their spouses will thank you!

Special thanks to Clare Dowling  for her song Spinning Wheel, my intro theme song.

Refrigerator Blues by 77South

Cyndi by Podcast Troubadour

Goodbye Time by Bluesman Tom Malafarina





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