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Exploring the world of fiber, one draft at a time.

My daughter joins me, via Skype, to tell about her lucky find in fleeces and what she did with them.  Then the story morphs into her experience dyeing silk with henna.

Music is from Musicalley and revolves around the theme 'lucky'.  

AJ & The Frozen Tundra Band tells us It's Your Lucky Day Now.

Great Big Sea sings Lucky Me

Stavia closes the podcast with Lucky Day

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First in the podcast, some thoughts on the wide variety of niche markets we have in this fiber world.  Then I tell about my three Spinzilla projects and how I figured my yardage for submission to their total amounts.

There is more music in today's podcast, and it  is from Musicalley

First interlude is from Space Agency and is called Godzilla.

Middle break music is from the FuMP, always a fun romp, and is also called Godzilla (yes just pretend it is really Spinzilla).  Since this group has lots and lots of songs, find this specific one by searching Godzilla on Musicalley.

The closing song is by Tracy Jane Comer and is Drive for Miles.  I think of it as Spin for Miles since that is one of the measurements used by Spinzilla.  Lovely song, whether you are driving or spinning.

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This is a 10 minute podcast that I will release on the first of every month (more or less). It has all the information about how to find specific episodes, where to contact me and how to get your very own spinner's journal.

I listen to many podcasts and get tired of hearing the podcaster's information over and over before we get to the podcast. I have decided that to avoid that in this podcast, I would put all this information here and release it once a month.  If you need the information, just listen in. If you don't, you can just wait for the next podcast.

Happy spinning!

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