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Book reviews!  Three books on dyeing with natural dyes are reviewed in this podcast.  And since it is a spin in, there a yarnspinnerstale as well.

As promised, here are the links, thanks for your patience!

Jenny Dean is the author of two of the books I review, The Craft of Natural Dyeing, and Colours from Nature, A Dyer's Handbook.  Her blog is full of her natural dyeing projects and her books and dyestuff are available at D & K Crafts.

The second book reviewed is Dyes from American Native Plants, A Practical Guide by Lynne Richards and Ronald J. Tyrl.  Here's a link for it on Amazon (if the link ever goes away just search for the book title).

The music used in today's podcast was found by searching the podsafe music network for the word 'everyday' the theme of the yarnspinnerstale. 

Interlude music was Same Lunch Everyday by this group.

The closing song Every Day gets Better is by the Smith Bros.


Until later, happy listening and happy spinning!

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YST Episode 46 Spinning Tools

Spinning tools:  Do you have them?  Do you need them?  For this podcast I talk about the tools needed for three areas of the yarn creation process, tools for fiber prep, tools for spinning yarn, and tools to handle that yarn.

The wonderful music for today's podcast is from the podsafe music network.

Interlude music is by Celtic Reboot and is called Aufbruch/Am Feuer.

The closing song is by David Wilcox  and is Open Hand the title track to his album.

I used three books from my library as references in this podcast:

Alden Amos  Big Book of Spinning

Carol Kroll  The Whole Craft of Spinning

Paula Simmons  Turning Wool into a Cottage Industry

Thank you to these authors for their great books.


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