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YST Episode 55 Color Theory for spinners part 2

Talking about color turned into such a long conversation for my daughter and I that we had to make it into two podcasts.  Here is part two of that discussion. 

For many years I just picked a dyed fiber because I loved the colors, spun it, and wondered what the yarn would look like when I was done.  Now armed with some of the tools found with the color wheel, I have a better chance of not only knowing what will result, but maybe changing something to make it look more like I want.

The photo on the posts for episodes 54-55 is a yarn spun by my daughter (photo used with her permission).  In the podcast she explains how she was able to keep the nice stretch of contrasting colors.  Those contrasts were very aptly named for the Shel Silverstein poem, HugOWar.

Since our conversations were so long, there was not much music in these two podcasts.  Instead I used the music of Clare Dowling, who's Spinning Wheel song has been the theme song for this podcast over three years. A big thank you to Clare for sharing this song with podcasters and their listeners on Musicalley (formerly the podsafe music network.)

Until later-happy spinning!

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YST Episode 54 Color Theory for Spinners part 1

Color is one thing spinners seem to either love or hate.  This podcast is the first part of a conversation between my daughter and I on color theory and how spinners can apply those theories to the vibrant fibers they spin.

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