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An unplannned spinning sabatical while my day to day life gets rearranged.  During this time I will be taking care of a post surgery husband, looking for part time work in my old career and in general not finding the time to spin.  Since a podcast often takes 8-10 hours of my time, I have decided to take a three month break from podcasting.  But I will be thinking about the podcast, and evaluating if it will come back in the same format or use this time for creating a new format.

Meanwhile, a big thank you to all the listeners worldwide, for your time over these two years.  Your comments have been the incentive to not only keep podcasting, but find it fun. 

As a thank you to Clare Dowling for the use of her Spinning Wheel in bits and pieces over these years, I have ended the podcast with the song in its entirety.  Her music and all music I have used over these years can be found at the podcast music network.

Until later,  happy spinning!

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