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YST Episode 107 Final British Rare breeed reviews

I review the last two breeds from the sampler purchased from Hilltopcloud etsy store.  The breeds are Manx Loaghtan and Hill Radnor. To see more pictures of this fiber and yarn go to my blog.

Music for the show continues the snow theme used during this series, in honor of the Winter Ravellenic event.  Today's song is from Music Alley and is by Emile Menasche.  It is call Watercolor Winter.




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This is a ten minute podcast that I will release on the first of each month.  It has all the information about how to find specific episodes, where to contact me and how to get your very own spinners' journal.

I listen to many podcasts and get tired of hearing the podcaster's information over and over before we get to the podcast.  I have decided that to avoid that in the YST podcast, I would put all this information here and release it once a month.  If you need the information, just listen in.  If you don't, you can just wait for the next podcast.

Happy Spinning!

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