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YST Episode 106 A Day off and Spinning

Still spinning as part of the Ravellenic2014 event but I took a break and did a few different yarns. I also talk about putting a new drive band on your spinning wheel.

Music is from Music Alley and today's song Winter Empire is by Dan-O

A mention of a previous podcast in this one is referring to Episode 73, when I interviewed some fiber folk.

Photos can be found on my blog

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YST Episode 105 Portland wool review

The review of British rare breeds continues with one of the current rarest beeds, the Portland.  I focus some on worsted and woolen spinning with this sample.  

To understand better just how your spinning wheel works, try listening to episode 19 How does that wheel work.

Music is from Music Alley and today's song, Winter is by Sara Spade.

Photos for this fiber can be seen on my blog

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YST Episode 104 Whitedfaced Woodland wool review

The reviews of the British Rare breed sheep continues in this episode.

The fiber came from Hilltopcloud.uk.com

Music is from Musicalley  and todays song called Winter is by Jakki Jelene

Photos of the yarn can be found on my blog

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YST Episode 103 Norfolk Horn fleece review

This is the first of several episodes that will be reviewing British rare breed fleeces.  I am doing this project during the Ravellenics.  This episode covers the Norfolk Horn breed.

Music is from Music Alley and in by Jon Schmidt, a powerful paino piece called Winter Wind.

The website I mentioned for sheep breed info is sheep101.info

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This is a 10 minute podcast that I will release on the first of every month.  It has all the information about how to find specific episodes, where to contact me, and how to get your very own spinner' journal.

I listen to many podcasts and get tired of hearing the podcaster's information over and over before we get to the podcast.  I have decided that to avoid that in this podcast, I would put all this information here and release it once a month.  If you need the information, just listen in.  If you don't, you can just wait for the next podcast.

Happy spinning!

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