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YST Episode 28 Dipping in the Dyepots

Dipping in the dyepots, because I am in the mood for color.  But there's a second reason and I talk all about what to do if you have a yellow and discolored fleece.  Dye it of course!

I have posted a number of photos on my blog that show the original fleece, the dyed fiber and even a few batts carded from the fiber.  Be sure to take a look.

The music comes again from the podsafe music network.  If you like what you heard, click on the links for the musicians and support them.  Thank you also to Claire Dowling for her Spinning Song used as my opening theme music.

The Sugar People  with In the Color Blue was the snippet opening music for the dyeing discussion.

Sandro G Masoni provided the interlude music during the show with Soft Spring Rain

Ax did a lovely short instrumental piece called Pure Romantic Spring Feelings

And the podcast closes with a song from the group bobby blue call Sunshine Ode to Spring.

And so we have safely sung spring into my part of the world again.  Soon it will be time for podcasting from the front porch.

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YST Episode 27 Almost Spring Spin In

Spring is fickle and comes and goes, but the spinning goes on anyway. 

Today's podcast has discussions on two rare breeds of sheep, the Tunis and the Karakul.  And later, as I spin on some cashgora, I talk about the unnamed spinners and her influence in my fiber life.

All music today has a spring theme and is from the podsafe music network.

Sounding for all the world like a 1940's tune, Tom Waits sings You Can Never Hold Back Spring.

The interlude music between the yarnspinner tale today is Steps to Spring by Ishmail Abatay.

The podcast closes with the song Winterspring by the Ampersands.

Of course, I must thank Wren Ross for Baa Baa Black Sheep, and Clare Dowling for the Spinning Song.

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