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Exploring the world of fiber, one draft at a time.

Once again Team YST is planning to spin every day of the Tour de France for Ravelry's Tour de fleece.  Come join all the fun and cheerleading and inspirations.

I talk about the decision to do lots of fiber processing for this year's challenge.  Just a hint, there's lots of Shetland!

Music in todays podcast is by Dan Montgomery and is called Spinning My Wheels, appropiate!  It can be found on Music Alley.

You can find me on Twitter here which will give the links to the audioboos I will try and publish daily during the TdF.  Or go to Audioboo and search for YST to find them.

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We'd all love as many of you listeners to come and join us on Ravelry for the annual Tour de Fleece June 29th through July 21st.  Team Yarnspinnerstales can be found at the Tour de Fleece group under the wild card team thread, or search the groups for Team Yarnspinnerstales and you should find it.  See you there!

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