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YST Episode 53 A Front Porch Spin in

Talking and spinning can go hand in hand, even if it's via microphone for me and an mp3 player for you.

I do a recap of the last few months, including a wrap up of the Tour de Fleece spinning, and entering skeins into the state fair.  And speaking of state fairs, this podcast has captured some of the stars of the barns, as I stroll along and look at the sheep.  I ran into a new breed for me Dorper Sheep, take a look!

There's a yarnspinnerstale too, on creativity.

Along inbetween is some good music from the podsafe music network

A short interlude comes from Tim Foley with Monkeyshine, called Back Porch.

And keeping with the porch theme, My Back Porch is by Brian McRae

In the podcast I mention a blog, Hyperbole and a Half, and I want to make sure others can find it and enjoy it as much as I did!

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