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YST Episode 33 June Spin In

It's Spin in time, grab your fiber and listen in as the podcast reviews two spinning books and later a yarnspinnerstale about best friends.

The books in the review this podcast are Spinning Designer Yarns by Diane Varney, and the newly released book by Judith Mackenzie McCuin.

I have a group on Ravelry now, come join us!  Here's a direct link, or you can go to Ravelry, click the groups tab and search for yarnspinnerstales, you should get a link to connect to the group.

It seems that the Podsafe Music Network now has a new name (and probably new owner).  Although it will be hard not to call it that, because that's been it's name forever.  However when you go to the home page you will see it is now called Mevio.  Whatever it's called, the music is still available to podcaster's and therefore for your listening pleasure also.

Summer is officially here, and so the music has summer as it's theme. 

Peaches in the Summertime is by Iona Leigh a repeat artist for the podcast.

Summer with a New Piano is the lovely instrumental by Allan Metts

A brief reprise was Summer Thing by Mathechew Studios

And the closing song, My Best Friend is by Spaghetti Cake

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YST Episode 32 Silk, Soy and Milk fibers

Spinning non wool fibers, part two.  The protein non wool fibers are the topic of today's podcast which includes silkworm silk, soysilk, and milk fiber.  The photo shown here is dyed soysilk.

Some more photos of the fibers we talk about are on the blog here.

Music today is from the Podsafe Music Network and includes the following musicians:

Opening song:  If Everybody Loved the Blues by Mean Gene Kelton and the Die Hards.

The interlude music was a portion of Chris Harper's Deep Blue Sky.

Closing song was What More Do You Want? by Maria Daines

Bonus track is Cowboys and Aliens by Jeff Ronay

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