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YST Episode 14 June Spin In

Spinning on my front porch, means cool morning air, birdsong and the occasional cow mooing in the background.  But the topic of the yarnspinnerstale this month is very cool, as I tell all about my recent cruise to Alaska with Seasocks 08.

Before that though, I discuss two sheep breeds from my rare breed sampler:  Cormo and Montadale.  The photo is from some of the cormo spun from combed top pulled through a diz.

Music for this podcast is from the Podsafe Music Network.  New music artists include:

Janet Spahr  with Rosemary

Damh the Bard with Lady of the Silver Wheel

And special thanks to Wren Ross for letting me use Baa Baa Black sheep with the sheep fleece reviews, and to Clare Dowling for the opening Spinning song.

A few links I said I would include are:

Amy Singer   her webpage is here.  Amy taught a shawl Plug and Play class on the cruise.

Crissy Gardner, and Heather Ordover  each taught in the Heels, Heels, Heels classes.

And Brenda Dayne, talking all about her experiences podcasting, was the highlight of the trip, for this podcaster.

Finally, I issue an Olympic challenge.  I did this for the winter Olympics, and the blog entry is in the archives from my blog.  But I am in the mood to do something different this time, and talk about that in the podcast.  I hope you will join me in August as I watch the Olympics and take on your own Olympic spinning challenge. You have a bit of time, but don't dally, the challenge starts 08/08/08.

Happy summer solstice!

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Cotton Dyeing Naturally

Part 2 of the cotton dyeing discusses how I dyed the roving using a natural dyestuff.  And a very unusual dyestuff too.

There are photos, and a detailed description of the process on my blog.

I've included two songs in today's podcast, both from the podsafe music network.  Be sure and check out the musicians webpages if you like the songs.

Copper Box  played Need a Little Squeezin   It's a great tune, and is featured on their website too.

Clare Dowling  of Moot Music opens every podcast for me with her spinning song, and for this podcast, closes with Go With the Flow.

Hope you have enjoyed these two podcasts of dyeing cotton. Comments are always welcomed here or on my blog.  And if you use Itunes, and could look me up there, searching under Yarnspinners Tales, leave a review.  It'll help more spinners find me.

Until next time, hope all you fiber colors are wonderul.

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