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YST Episode 45 Spring Spin In

Coopworth and Polypay are two sheep breeds reviewed in this podcast.  And since spring is here in all it's glory, the spin in is held on the front porch.  Grab your MP3 player, fiber and favorite spinning tool and join me for some spinning without a purpose, spinning, just because.

A big thank you to the Milk and Honey Farm for the use of their adorable picture of polypay lambs on this blog and the Itunes photo.

All music is from the podsafe music network.  A special thank you to Wren Ross for her wonderful It had to be Ewe.

The interlude is by Triple6fusion and is call First Day of Spring.

The closing song is by the Dust Rhinos and is called Breathe a Little Slower.

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YST Episode 44 Fiber Fairs

Fiber Fairs!  My true first sign that spring is here.  In this podcast I talk about both sides of those events, attending as a buyer, and also as a seller.

And if you don't have the chance to go to a local fiber fair, and have the urge to shop after listening, check out my Artfire store at Zavagant Studio.

Music today is from the podsafe music network and includes

Bonny Morgan's wonderful version of Scarborough Fair

Dorchester Fair by The Legendary Ten Seconds

Happy Spring and happy spinning!

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