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My first year anniversary podcast!  For this spin in, the fiber animal is, for once, not a sheep.  Instead alpaca fiber is discussed.

Also, a bit of audio indexing, as the year of podcasting here is reviewed.  Finally, spinning really did happen, and all day.  Hear all about a day at a fiber fair.

Music for this podcast is from the podsafe music network.  There is lots of wonderful music in this podcast.  Check out these websites and give them your support, for sharing their music with the world.

Interlude music is Talking by rob

Great vocal song by Sarah Donner  called Suffragette

Lovely background music called Autumn Stream by Adam Zampino

Closing female vocalist Caren Kennedy with Just Talking

Closing male vocalist Dropkick with Listen to You.

Thanks for listening!  Today, all last year, and the year to come.

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YST Episode 21 Felting Fleece

           Felting fleece is something we spinners fear right?  Not always.  What if you think outside of the box, and felt fleece to your advantage?

The photo shows one time Yarnspinner thought outside of that fear of felting a fleece.  Listen to the podcast to learn all about how a non spinnable fleece was felted into a lovely wool pelt.

On the more practical side, fleece batts can be shape felted into anything, as long as you have a form to serve for shaping.  The next example talked about in the podcast is a felted hat.

There are many more photos on this blog, be sure to take a look at those photos of the process explained in the podcast.

All the music in the podcast is from the podsafe music network.  Since it is so close to Halloween, the tunes are intentional a bit spooky.  A big thank you to all the musicians that shared their music.  Be sure to check out links for the websites of those that you like.

Vampire Organ by  Jeff Rosiana was the spooky intro.

Spooky Fractal Magic by Embertime  and Spooky by Podcast Troubadour Jeff Shields both provided the interlude music.

Windy October Day  by Roland Blum is the podcast's closing song.

Thanks for listening!

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