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YST Episode 55 Color Theory for spinners part 2

Talking about color turned into such a long conversation for my daughter and I that we had to make it into two podcasts.  Here is part two of that discussion. 

For many years I just picked a dyed fiber because I loved the colors, spun it, and wondered what the yarn would look like when I was done.  Now armed with some of the tools found with the color wheel, I have a better chance of not only knowing what will result, but maybe changing something to make it look more like I want.

The photo on the posts for episodes 54-55 is a yarn spun by my daughter (photo used with her permission).  In the podcast she explains how she was able to keep the nice stretch of contrasting colors.  Those contrasts were very aptly named for the Shel Silverstein poem, HugOWar.

Since our conversations were so long, there was not much music in these two podcasts.  Instead I used the music of Clare Dowling, who's Spinning Wheel song has been the theme song for this podcast over three years. A big thank you to Clare for sharing this song with podcasters and their listeners on Musicalley (formerly the podsafe music network.)

Until later-happy spinning!

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YST Episode 54 Color Theory for Spinners part 1

Color is one thing spinners seem to either love or hate.  This podcast is the first part of a conversation between my daughter and I on color theory and how spinners can apply those theories to the vibrant fibers they spin.

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YST Episode 53 A Front Porch Spin in

Talking and spinning can go hand in hand, even if it's via microphone for me and an mp3 player for you.

I do a recap of the last few months, including a wrap up of the Tour de Fleece spinning, and entering skeins into the state fair.  And speaking of state fairs, this podcast has captured some of the stars of the barns, as I stroll along and look at the sheep.  I ran into a new breed for me Dorper Sheep, take a look!

There's a yarnspinnerstale too, on creativity.

Along inbetween is some good music from the podsafe music network

A short interlude comes from Tim Foley with Monkeyshine, called Back Porch.

And keeping with the porch theme, My Back Porch is by Brian McRae

In the podcast I mention a blog, Hyperbole and a Half, and I want to make sure others can find it and enjoy it as much as I did!

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YST Episode 52 Walnut Leaf and Indigo dyeing of fiber

The last part of the three part fiber dyeing series discusses my experiences with using walnut leaves (and mordants) to produce the lovely colors shown in this photo.  I also talk about making and using the 'quick' version of an indigo dyepot, a totally magical dyeing experience, since the fiber comes out of the pot one color and turns blue as it sits in the air.

I also spend a bit of time talking about just how fiber feels after it's been dyed and dried, how not to felt it, and how to get it back in shape for spinning.

Music in today's podcast is from the podsafe music network 

The interlude music is called Living Color by Doug Astrop

The closing song is So Color Me by Tenth Hour Calling

Thanks to all my wonderful listeners for your comments, suggestions and questions!

Until later....happy spinning.


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YST Episode 51 Dyeing the tertiary colors

Part 2 of the three part series on dyeing discusses dyeing wool with acid dyes to a specific color.  I challenged myself to try and create the color wheels tertiary colors with dyes, and found some failures and successes along the way.  Listen in as I talk all about all of that experience.

Music for today's podcast continues with the theme of color and is from the podsafe music network.

The interlude music is by Psykosoul  and is called Coloring Outside the Lines.

The closing song is by Matthew Ebel  and is called Every Color.


Enjoy and happy dyeing!

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YST Episode 50 Pour and Wrap dyeing

Part one of a three part series on dyeing fiber.  Listen in as I explore the saran wrap method of putting color on just part of your fiber.  Shown here in the photo is a Cotswold roving, gray in color with russet and purple dyes applied with the method.

And since dyeing is of course all about color, today's music has the theme of color.  The music is from the Podsafe Music network and includes these musicians:

Eric Strom with Oh the Colors

Marie Crehan with the hauntingly lovely Orange & blue

A thank you to these musicians for sharing these songs for podcasters, if you loved the music, please check out their other songs and support them.


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YST Episode 49 A Chatty Spin In

Sitting and spinning just seems to go along with sitting and chatting.  So today's podcast is three different sections, all on topics that I love to talk about.

First segment is a fiber review of carbonized bamboo. It's what I am spinning while recording the podcast.  The next section is about my plans for the Tour de Fleece spinning challenge.  If you are not familiar with this, more information can be found on Ravelry.   The idea is to challenge yourself as a spinner during the time that those bikers are spinning their wheels in the Tour de France. I took the challenge to spin some everyday.  Pictured here is the dyed polworth roving that is one of my major projects during this challenge.

The last topic was a request, and is a bit of history on my three spinning wheels, how I got them and why.

In between is some wonderful music from the podsafe music network.  The first song is Black Coffee.d by Stephanie J Hager.  Next is Limerick Rake by Celtic Reboot . And yes, your ears do not deceive you, I played this group last podcast too.

The podcast is closed with the wonderful voice of Alyssa Anjelica James  with Laughter in the Distance.

To those expecting a podcast on Dyeing, it will come next.  Meanwhile grab your favorite spinning tool, fiber and relax with me as we spin.


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YST Episode 48 Planning a Dye Day

Throwing dye and wet fiber into a dye pot can be fun, and is certainly one way to color your fiber.  But if you are like me and end up with many different rovings, dyestuffs and techniques, a bit of planning before the dye day will help.  That's the topic of today's podcast, as I get ready for a big dye day of my own.

The music in this podcast is from the podsafe music network.

The interlude melody is Everything Begins by Dan O.

The closing song is by Sunburn in Cyprus and is called In the Sunshine, Lazy Hammock instrumental.

Also as a reminder, Yarnspinnerstales Spin In group on ravelry has a tour de fleece group.  Come join us and spin every day while the Tour de France is on.

Until later....happy spinning!


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Book reviews!  Three books on dyeing with natural dyes are reviewed in this podcast.  And since it is a spin in, there a yarnspinnerstale as well.

As promised, here are the links, thanks for your patience!

Jenny Dean is the author of two of the books I review, The Craft of Natural Dyeing, and Colours from Nature, A Dyer's Handbook.  Her blog is full of her natural dyeing projects and her books and dyestuff are available at D & K Crafts.

The second book reviewed is Dyes from American Native Plants, A Practical Guide by Lynne Richards and Ronald J. Tyrl.  Here's a link for it on Amazon (if the link ever goes away just search for the book title).

The music used in today's podcast was found by searching the podsafe music network for the word 'everyday' the theme of the yarnspinnerstale. 

Interlude music was Same Lunch Everyday by this group.

The closing song Every Day gets Better is by the Smith Bros.


Until later, happy listening and happy spinning!

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YST Episode 46 Spinning Tools

Spinning tools:  Do you have them?  Do you need them?  For this podcast I talk about the tools needed for three areas of the yarn creation process, tools for fiber prep, tools for spinning yarn, and tools to handle that yarn.

The wonderful music for today's podcast is from the podsafe music network.

Interlude music is by Celtic Reboot and is called Aufbruch/Am Feuer.

The closing song is by David Wilcox  and is Open Hand the title track to his album.

I used three books from my library as references in this podcast:

Alden Amos  Big Book of Spinning

Carol Kroll  The Whole Craft of Spinning

Paula Simmons  Turning Wool into a Cottage Industry

Thank you to these authors for their great books.


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