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I started these frequent updates on the Tour de Fleece spinning projects, and found I was so chatty in most of them that I have used up my allotted storage space.  Not to worry though, for the MB archive thirty days from when they are uploaded.  After Aug 1st, I will start having space open up again, and Digitaldurga and I will continue with the updates.

I do apologize to the team for not crossing the finish line with them in these podcasts, but be assured I will be along shortly.  Meanwhile, carry on with all the wonderful spinning!

Thank you to Green Druid for the music which is called Night Dance and can be found on Music Alley.

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How do decide just how a fiber should be spun?  I talk about this and the continuing Tour De Fleece spinning projects in this podcast.


In today's music you hear the usual podcast intro and at the end the rest of the song, Spinning Wheels by Clare Dowling, found on Music Alley.  A big thank you to her for sharing this song, so appropiate for the podcasts' intro music!

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We are more then half way through the Tour de Fleece, and so it seems time to make some yarn from all those singles we have been spinning.  In this podcast two types of plying are described, chain (navajo) plying and working with a plying ball.

Music is by the artist Caledonix  and is called Braveheart-Came Ye Oer Frae France.  The music was provided by the artist on Music Alley.

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The Tour de Fleece spinners have been spinning ten days now and are looking forward to the day of rest.  This update covers the three days right before that.

The music is from Music Alley and is by the group Great Big Sea (who have lots of songs on Music Alley for you to buy and support these great musicians.)  Today's song is French Shore.

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This is the third installment of the daily updates for the Tour de Fleece spinning event.

Be sure to check out the different threads posted on Ravelry to see my fibers and yarns as well as many others by all the great spinners.

Music is from Music Alley (which seems to be working again) and is Jillian LaDage Midsummer Night.

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Here's the second Tour de Fleece update podcast.  Today Digitaldurga (ravelry name) joins me with her updates too.

Mohair I talk about is from Majora Acres

Natural Obsessions fiber can be found here

Music is from Music Alley and is the song Feather Lullaby by Tangential Cold

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Daily Tour de Fleece updates, that is the new experiment I am doing for this podcast.  All during the Tour de France cycling event, Ravelry members, especially spinners, get out their spinning wheels, set goals for themselves, and keep those wheels spinning as much as possible.  I love this event and use it to challenge myself back into spinning something everyday.  This year I decided to add the goal of short podcasts about each day's spinning, combining several together into a podcast.  So here we go go go....

I mentioned past podcasts and to find those go to the archives on this page, find the date and episode number, if you'd like to listen to them again.   The big dye days are in Aug and Sept 2010 and are episodes 50,51 and 52.  The spinning woolen episode is number 67 and is found in the Oct. 2011 archive.

Music today is from MusicAlley  and the interlude music is the instrumental version of Lullaby for a Weary World, by Julia Ecklar

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