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April is not only about spring, but many other things on this month's spin in podcast.  I talk about the fleece from two rare breeds of sheep, the Finn Sheep and the Perendale.   And as usual there is lots of music, and a Yarnspinner's Tale.

Today's music comes from the Podsafe Music Network.  I encourage you to check out this website as well as the websites for any of the artists used on today's podcast.

Special thank you's go to Clare Dowling and Wren Ross for use of their music to introduce segments in the podcasts.

The music behind the spring poem was provided by Monica Herzig.

The song Memory Lane was done by Elliott Smith.

Hardly Enough is from WAZ.

And the show closes with music from the group Parker Street Cinema.

Until the next podcast, hope all of your memories are well spun.

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YST Epidode 9 Washing a Fleece

Spring Cleaning time, means fleece washing time.  

Join me as I talk through the process of converting this fleece straight off the shetland sheep into a beautifully clean fiber, ready to comb or card.

Pictures of everything I talk about are located on my blog, Yarnspinner Tales.

All music today can be found on the podsafe music network.

The Eggerton Boys are back in this show with the appropriate, Bath Time.

Jimmy Nicholas sings The House Cleaning Blues.  His records hang out with over Texas Bluesman at this label.

And the closing surprise piece, was done by these artists.

Hope the show helps you along with any of your spring cleaning chores this month, whether you are washing windows (you do, really?  Can you come to my house?) or fleece.

See you in a couple of weeks for a spin-in show.


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