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YST Episode 100 Finishing Yarn

From the ways to make a skein to the why and how of washing it, this podcast is all about finishing your hand spun yarn.

Music is by Mano Reza and is called The Time Needed to Finish.  It is found on Musicalley.

I reference many books for the research I did for the podcast.  The list is verbal on the podcast, here is a written list:

  • Big Book of Handspinning  Alden Amos
  • Joy of Spinning Carol Kroll
  • Spinning Merino and Super Fine Wools Margaret Stove
  • Handspinning Eliza Leadbeater
  • Handspinners Guide to Selling Paula Simmon
  • Spinning Designer Yarns Diane Varney
  • Creative Spinning Alison Daykin and Jane Deane
  • The Intentional Spinner Judith McKenzie Mccuin
  • Spinners Book Of Yarn Designs Sarah Anderson
  • Spin Off Summer 1991 The Ideal Yarn Blocker Susan Gonzalez
  • Spin Off Summer 2007 Wet Finishes for Yarn Judith McKenzie Mccuin

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