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Two more breeds' fleeces are reviewed in this podcast that were part of my Ravellenic challenges for 2012.  The first is Ryeland and the second, not really a breed at all but a location, is Salish.  Both wools turned out to be wonderful for spinning woolen with carded batts.

Pictures of the resulting yarns are on my blog, for Ryeland  and for Salish.

If you are interested in the many breeds of rare sheep a good website is the OK EDU website.

Cowichan Knitting is from the Vancouver Island area and was originated by the decendents of the Salish First Nation people of the area.  A good article on the history is found in Wikipedia here

This video shows a spinner spinning in the traditional style for Cowichan knitting.

If that link doesn't work, go to Ravelry, sign in, and then go to groups.  Search groups for Cowichan Inspired.  In that group go to the thread 'Spinning Yarn for sweater WIP' and post 30 has the video embedded in it.

Music is from Music Alley.  Wren Ross does Baa Baa Black Sheep and Guardian Mind Mix does Native Sky at the close.

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