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YST Episode 51 Dyeing the tertiary colors

Part 2 of the three part series on dyeing discusses dyeing wool with acid dyes to a specific color.  I challenged myself to try and create the color wheels tertiary colors with dyes, and found some failures and successes along the way.  Listen in as I talk all about all of that experience.

Music for today's podcast continues with the theme of color and is from the podsafe music network.

The interlude music is by Psykosoul  and is called Coloring Outside the Lines.

The closing song is by Matthew Ebel  and is called Every Color.


Enjoy and happy dyeing!

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YST Episode 50 Pour and Wrap dyeing

Part one of a three part series on dyeing fiber.  Listen in as I explore the saran wrap method of putting color on just part of your fiber.  Shown here in the photo is a Cotswold roving, gray in color with russet and purple dyes applied with the method.

And since dyeing is of course all about color, today's music has the theme of color.  The music is from the Podsafe Music network and includes these musicians:

Eric Strom with Oh the Colors

Marie Crehan with the hauntingly lovely Orange & blue

A thank you to these musicians for sharing these songs for podcasters, if you loved the music, please check out their other songs and support them.


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