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Exploring the world of fiber, one draft at a time.

TeF14 is over but the updates continue. This last one is for Team Support Spindlers. 

Fibers used are from the following sources:

Moonwood Farms  Dyed milk

Wonders Mohair  dyed adult mohair

WeloveThor  dyed merino

Spindles used are from these sources


Royale Hair

Today's music is Mountains End by Phillip Woo.  It can be found on MusicAlley



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The Tour de Fleece continues, and I review another of the Ravelry Teams that I have spun with during the Tour de France.

Music is from MusicAlley.  The beginning interlude is from djoc and is called Blink and you will miss them.  The end song is Twinkle Black Sheep by Johnny Only 

You can find me on Ravelry as Yarnspinnerstales, and the group for this podcast is called Yarnspinnerstales spin in group.  See you there!

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A short podcast today about the fiber I am spinning on the Majacraft Aura for the Tour de Fleece in Ravelry.

Music is from Musicalley and the song Celtic Mystery is by Tigertail.

My Blog is here.

The Spinners Journal is a great way to keep track of your TdF spinning and other projects.  Check it out!

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Today's podcast is an update of my Tour de Fleece spinning for the team Painted Tiger.  The website for this dyer of fiber and yarn is here.

The fiber I am spinning is a Portuguese wool top explained by Ashland Bay blog.

Therefore, tigers are the theme of the music, found on MusicAlley.  The interlude music is by Sinfonoa Electronique and is Tiger on the Loose II. The end music is by Briareus and is called Tigers.

My blog can be found here.

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Music is from Music Alley and includes:

Snowball fight by Tv's Kyle

Preparations for takeoff by Matthew Hall

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This is a 10 minute podcast that I will release on the first of every month.  It has all the information about how to find specific episodes, where to contact me and how to get your very own Spinners' Journal.

I listen to many podcasts and get tired of hearing the podcaster's information over and over before we get to the podcast. I have decided that to avoid that in this podcast, I would put all this informnation here and release it once a month. If you need the information,just listen in. If you don't,you can just wait for the next podcast.

Happy spinning!

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