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YST Episode 49 A Chatty Spin In

Sitting and spinning just seems to go along with sitting and chatting.  So today's podcast is three different sections, all on topics that I love to talk about.

First segment is a fiber review of carbonized bamboo. It's what I am spinning while recording the podcast.  The next section is about my plans for the Tour de Fleece spinning challenge.  If you are not familiar with this, more information can be found on Ravelry.   The idea is to challenge yourself as a spinner during the time that those bikers are spinning their wheels in the Tour de France. I took the challenge to spin some everyday.  Pictured here is the dyed polworth roving that is one of my major projects during this challenge.

The last topic was a request, and is a bit of history on my three spinning wheels, how I got them and why.

In between is some wonderful music from the podsafe music network.  The first song is Black Coffee.d by Stephanie J Hager.  Next is Limerick Rake by Celtic Reboot . And yes, your ears do not deceive you, I played this group last podcast too.

The podcast is closed with the wonderful voice of Alyssa Anjelica James  with Laughter in the Distance.

To those expecting a podcast on Dyeing, it will come next.  Meanwhile grab your favorite spinning tool, fiber and relax with me as we spin.


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