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Yarnspinners Tales's Podcast

Welcome!  This is a periodic podcast all about my experiences making yarn through the process of spinning.  All areas of the process are discussed, and there will be something here for any spinner, novice or experienced.  There is a Ravelry group for podcast listeners, called Yarnspinnerstales Spin In. Please join us there.

If you are a current listener and have not been receiving automatic updates, please go to iTunes or Stitcher, and under podcasts search for Yarnspinners Tales Podcast.  It should show up and you can subscribe again.

If you like to download and listen off line, check out the new player here on the webpage by each episode, it has a nifty download button now! 

YST Episode listings with dates released

Aug 10, 2014

Beta 10/09/07 

Episode 1 Using Combs / Shetland 10/28/07 

Episode 2 Spin In 11/13/07 

Episode 3 Raising Angora Rabbits 12/01/07 

Episode 4 Christmas Music 2 episodes 12/16/07 

Episode 5 Spinning Angora 01/18/08 

Episode 6 Spin In Border Leicester and BFL 02/02/08 

Episode 7 Skirting a Shetland Fleece 02/16/08 

Episode 8...

Aug 10, 2014

If you are interested in joining the YST Ravelry group, you can find it by getting on Ravelry, and going to the groups search box.  Search under Yarnspinnerstales spin in and it should give you the link you need to find us.

Music today is from MusicAlley.  The opening song is Things Will be Better Next Year by 

Aug 1, 2014

This is a 10 minute podcast that I will release on the first of every month.  It has all the information about how to find specific episodes, where to contact me and how to get your very own spinner's journal.

I listen to many podcasts and get tired of hearing the podcaster's information over and over before we get to...