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Goodbye 2012! It was a good year for spinning projects and other things in my life.  This short podcast talks about how I look at the new year.

Music is from Music Alley provided by various musicians who willing share their music with podcasters.  In return, I hope you give them your support, if you like their music.

Theme song:  Spin-A song for all children  by Jon Caspi

Interlude: A Fresh Start by The Havenots

First ending song:  It's a New Years Day by Denise Moser on the Cyber PR Label

Second closing song:  Happy New Year by Colie Brice

Best wishes for a wonderful new year to my listeners!

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The first section of the podcast is a review of the Katahdan breed, also called the hair sheep.  Because these fleeces contain a large amount of hair like fiber, I also discuss the process known as dehairing.  Carolina Homespun is one of the mills that currently has a machine to do this process, and they show it being done in this Youtube video.

I mentioned previously talking about pygora, and that I would list the episode link, but right now I can not find that I actually did talk about this fiber....I may have to remedy that soon!

Music is from MusicAlley  The new theme song is Spin-A Song for Children of all ages by Jon Caspi and the First Guns.  Ordinary Day is sung by Great Big Sea  The closing song, to get us all in the holiday spirit is The Christmas Song, in a very special way by the Limey Birds

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This podcast is the five year mark for the Yarnspinnerstales podcast.  In this episode I review some of it's history and also some of it's future.

To celebrate this anniversary, I have started using a brand new theme song found on Music Alley  by Jon Caspi and The First Gun  It is called Spin..a song for children...of all ages.

I also play Spinning by The Fast Sails.

YST has taken a big jump into 'the future is now' and now is available on the Stitcher app for your smart phone or Ipad

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YST Episode 84 Positive Spin

Today's episode talks about putting a positive spin on that fiber stash we all own.

The yarn in today's photo is some I spun from Natural Obsession.  I talk about the final process of plying this yarn in the episode also.

Two links for finding things I mention in the podcast.  My blog is here  and here is the Spinners Journal, the book I created to help you keep track of all the process of creating your hand spun yarn.

Music is from Music Alley  and features Whitney Kelly with Autumn Air and at the close Jack Jezzro Autumn Leaves.

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Two more breeds' fleeces are reviewed in this podcast that were part of my Ravellenic challenges for 2012.  The first is Ryeland and the second, not really a breed at all but a location, is Salish.  Both wools turned out to be wonderful for spinning woolen with carded batts.

Pictures of the resulting yarns are on my blog, for Ryeland  and for Salish.

If you are interested in the many breeds of rare sheep a good website is the OK EDU website.

Cowichan Knitting is from the Vancouver Island area and was originated by the decendents of the Salish First Nation people of the area.  A good article on the history is found in Wikipedia here

This video shows a spinner spinning in the traditional style for Cowichan knitting.

If that link doesn't work, go to Ravelry, sign in, and then go to groups.  Search groups for Cowichan Inspired.  In that group go to the thread 'Spinning Yarn for sweater WIP' and post 30 has the video embedded in it.

Music is from Music Alley.  Wren Ross does Baa Baa Black Sheep and Guardian Mind Mix does Native Sky at the close.

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New name but old event that Ravelry has done this for years.  The idea is to challenge yourself with goals to start at the beginning of the Olympics and finish with the close.  I chose to join the spinning team and selected five projects to complete.  I was able to finish four of them and review two of those in this podcast. Each required washing of raw fiber, processing by combing/carding and then spinning a skein to review.  The first is a rare breed I have not reviewed before, California Red Sheep.  The second was a different type of challenge, I took CVM and combed the fiber with two different methods to see if it made a difference in the skeins.

If you would like to listen to the rare breed review of CVM it can be found in episode 18 of this podcast.

If you would like to see the pictures of these two and the next podcast's two projects they can be found on my blog.

Music in the podcast is provided by Wren Ross through Music Alley.

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It's the podcast for the finish line of the 2012 Tour de Fleece!  A short but very satisfying recap for all of our spinning during the tour.

Music is from Music Alley and is a very appropiately named The Finish Line by Steve Parsons.

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This is the third and final week of the Tour de Fleece, and I must say there's not much finished yarn in my projects, but there definately is for Digitaldurga.

I also discuss the technique of splitting and spinning dyed roving called fractal spinning.  Here's a link to a discussion of the technique in Knitty.

Music is by the artist Will Kriski and is called Kerrys Jig, found on Music Alley.

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I started these frequent updates on the Tour de Fleece spinning projects, and found I was so chatty in most of them that I have used up my allotted storage space.  Not to worry though, for the MB archive thirty days from when they are uploaded.  After Aug 1st, I will start having space open up again, and Digitaldurga and I will continue with the updates.

I do apologize to the team for not crossing the finish line with them in these podcasts, but be assured I will be along shortly.  Meanwhile, carry on with all the wonderful spinning!

Thank you to Green Druid for the music which is called Night Dance and can be found on Music Alley.

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How do decide just how a fiber should be spun?  I talk about this and the continuing Tour De Fleece spinning projects in this podcast.


In today's music you hear the usual podcast intro and at the end the rest of the song, Spinning Wheels by Clare Dowling, found on Music Alley.  A big thank you to her for sharing this song, so appropiate for the podcasts' intro music!

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