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Goodbye 2012! It was a good year for spinning projects and other things in my life.  This short podcast talks about how I look at the new year.

Music is from Music Alley provided by various musicians who willing share their music with podcasters.  In return, I hope you give them your support, if you like their music.

Theme song:  Spin-A song for all children  by Jon Caspi

Interlude: A Fresh Start by The Havenots

First ending song:  It's a New Years Day by Denise Moser on the Cyber PR Label

Second closing song:  Happy New Year by Colie Brice

Best wishes for a wonderful new year to my listeners!

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The first section of the podcast is a review of the Katahdan breed, also called the hair sheep.  Because these fleeces contain a large amount of hair like fiber, I also discuss the process known as dehairing.  Carolina Homespun is one of the mills that currently has a machine to do this process, and they show it being done in this Youtube video.

I mentioned previously talking about pygora, and that I would list the episode link, but right now I can not find that I actually did talk about this fiber....I may have to remedy that soon!

Music is from MusicAlley  The new theme song is Spin-A Song for Children of all ages by Jon Caspi and the First Guns.  Ordinary Day is sung by Great Big Sea  The closing song, to get us all in the holiday spirit is The Christmas Song, in a very special way by the Limey Birds

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