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Woolen spun or worsted spun, as spinners we hear the terms all the time.  But do you really know the difference?  If someone put fiber in your hand and asked you to spin it into a worsted yarn, could you?  Listen in on this podcast as I explain the difference, and actual techniques.

Edit to add list of books:

I realized I mention several books in the podcast as sources of my information and that I should probably give the names of the books here for your reference.

Merino  Handspinning Dyeing and Working with Merino and Superfine Wools  by Margaret Stove.

The Alden Amos Big book of Handspinning

The Whole Craft of Spinning  by Carol Kroll

And of course there is music, bouncy enough to make you toes tap.  All music is from the Podsafe Music network, and I want to send a specific thank you to the following musicians for sharing there songs on that site.

Opening music is by Cubaxd  and is called A Folk Song without a Name.

Kurveball gives us lovely musical advice to let go and Leave It Behind.

And to close, for all of you that suffer as I do right now, with a winter cold, Eddy Delbridge sings a soothing going to sleep song, called The Prone Zone.


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