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There's a misconception in the spinning community that if you know how to spin a yarn, you know how to ply.  In this episode I talk all about the whys and ways of putting single strands of handspun yarn into complex yarns.

I would like to thank the following authors for writing their books and thus helping me pass along what I learned from them in my podcast:

Alden Amos:  Big Book of Handspinning

Margaret Stove:  Handspinning Dyeing & Working with Merino and Superfine Wools

Diane Varney  Spinning Designer Yarns

Music in the podcast is from the Podsafe Music Network

The interlude music is by Kelvin Bear and is called The Mist

The ending song is by Iona Leigh and is called Blackbird

As always a big thank you to Claire Dowling for the spinning song I use as the intro to the podcast.

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YST Episode 29 April 2009 Spin In

Road Trip!  In the yarnspinners tale today I talk all about a trip to visit the wonderful spinning and weaving store The Woolery.

Speaking of traveling, one of today's sheep breeds is all the way from Norway.  Spaelsau is an old Norweigen breed with a double coated fleece and I have the opportunity to work with some of the fiber.  Close in nature to that breed and more readily obtainable, I also talk about the Icelandic breed in today's review of sheep breed fleeces.

If you want to visit the Woolery's website, you can find it here.

Pictures of the yarns I spun, and of the friction wheel I saw at the Woolery can be found on my blog.

All music today was provided by Marc Gunn and found on the podsafe music network.  As a podcast listener, I also enjoy Marc's podcast, The Irish and Celtic Music podcast.  You can find that on ITunes.

Thanks for listening!


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