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Skirting a Shetland Fleece

If skirting a fleece makes you think of running to your nearby clothing store, you really need to listen to this spinning podcast.  Find out just how you take a five pound raw fleece and get it ready for the wash.

Today's music found on the podsafe music network, is provided by:

MDL with Acoustic Heart

Tom Smith with Stupid Belated Valentine

The next podcast will be a spin-in, with lots of heart related music in honor of the month of February, as well as some yarnspinnerstales.  See you then, and thanks for listening.

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January Spin In





In today's show I talk about two sheep breeds, and lots of snow.

I have added a segment to the spin-in shows to share with the listeners my spinning studies of different breeds of sheep.  This started out as rare breed sheep only, but expanded into just about any breed that I have had a chance to sample fleece.  Today's two breeds are Border Leicester, and Blue Face Leicester.

All music in the show is from the Podsafe music network.

The first musical interlude is Snowfall by Rada Neal.

Snow's No Fun At All is song by the Danny Daughtridge Trio.

Dreams of a Snowman, was used as the musical interlude during yarnspinner's tale, and was provided by: No Plastic Inside.

And TV's Kyle is back again, with Snowball Fight.

The next podcast will be about just how I take that great big fleece from the sheep and sort it in preparation to washing it.

Thanks for listening!

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