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YST Episode 36 Spinning on a Charkha

It's like a spinning studio, in a book size box.  That's how the charkha spinning wheel is described in the podcast.  Along with many fun stories involving spinning on this unique spinning tool, we also try to give you specifics on just how to spin on one yourself.

Every now and then it seems that the pictures really will speak louder than the words, so to help you understand just what we are talking about we have posted a video on Youtube.  Here's a direct link for it.  You have to pick which to do first, listen to the podcast, or watch the video...just don't do them both at the same time!

I have lots of links about charkhas. You can find lots more through Google I am sure.  If you want to join the discussion, come on over to Ravelry and join the Yarnspinnerstales group there.  We'd love to hear from you.

Thank you to Elaine Benfatto for her DVD Charkha Spinning: Tips and Techniques, which I review in the podcast.

Thank you to Jonathon Bosworth, for making not only the charkha we talk about, but many other lovely spinning tools.

Thank you to Gokul Salvadi for all the music in today's podcast.  The interlude was Plucked Sitar and the closing song was Traibal Dance.  His music can be found at Music Alley, formerly the Podsafe music network.

Here's lots more links






http://www.charkha.biz/Charkha/tools.htm  advertises tuned indian charkha

http://www.woolery.com/pages/charkhafr.html  has video I reviewed

http://www.paradisefibers.net/CHARKHA-SPINNING-TIPS-DVD-p/999131.htm  also has video

http://halcyonyarn.com/spinning.php  has video

http://www.yarnbarn-ks.com/CHARKHA-SPINNING-TIPS-DVD/productinfo/VS-DX417/  has video

http://www.dyegarden.com/2009/05/cigar-box-charkha-building-and-dye.html  building a cigar box charkha

http://www.woolworks.com/Shop/Videos/Spinning  has video

http://fiberdrunk.blogs.se/2007/09/16/charkha_plying_solution~2990381/  cool upright kate


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