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This podcast is the five year mark for the Yarnspinnerstales podcast.  In this episode I review some of it's history and also some of it's future.

To celebrate this anniversary, I have started using a brand new theme song found on Music Alley  by Jon Caspi and The First Gun  It is called Spin..a song for children...of all ages.

I also play Spinning by The Fast Sails.

YST has taken a big jump into 'the future is now' and now is available on the Stitcher app for your smart phone or Ipad

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YST Episode 84 Positive Spin

Today's episode talks about putting a positive spin on that fiber stash we all own.

The yarn in today's photo is some I spun from Natural Obsession.  I talk about the final process of plying this yarn in the episode also.

Two links for finding things I mention in the podcast.  My blog is here  and here is the Spinners Journal, the book I created to help you keep track of all the process of creating your hand spun yarn.

Music is from Music Alley  and features Whitney Kelly with Autumn Air and at the close Jack Jezzro Autumn Leaves.

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