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The September Spin In podcast continues with two more rare breeds of sheep, the Navajo Churro and the Jacob breeds.

And Yarnspinner talks about just why there is so much stash!

Pictures of the sheep breed samples can be found on the blog.

And be sure to check out the new way to contact Yarnspinner, at the new site drop.io.

Music is from the Podsafe music network.  This podcast has an autumnal theme, with A Taste of Autumn by Ensemble Variable, and Autumn Colors by Ritchie Hernandez.

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Do you really know how your spinning wheel works?  Knowing how it works will help you spin the yarn you want, instead of just spinning whatever happens type of yarn.

It's September, and that means back to school.  So we hit the books and learn about three different types of flyer bobbin systems used in spinning wheels.  Once you figure out what type of wheel you are using, you can then understand how to make your wheel work for you.

There's lots of information on this podcast, so to give us a bit of a break, I am using music from the group CatzintheHatz.  Here's a link to their music:


And to close the podcast, there's a wonderful parody song, Wake Me up When this Math Class is Done, by the group fump:


As always all music is from the podsafe music network.

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Episode 18 August Spin In

Summer is slipping away, and so this month's Yarnspinners Tale is about summer memories.  But there's lots more in the podcast, as I review two rare breeds of sheep, the CVM and Maine Island Sheep.

All music is from the podsafe music network.  I used five different musicians this podcast, all with music around the theme of summer.

The opening song, that said goodbye to summer is by Danny Fong.

The interlude music for the sheep breed discussion is a song called Sweet Summer Memories by Steven Cravis.

A wonderfully summer song, Fireflies, is sung by JJ Grey and Mofro.

The wonderful guitar strumming behind my recap is by Tripple6fusioN (who I have played before)  with Picking Memories.

And last, and best of all for the wonderful female vocals, is The Simple Things with The Moon is Torn.

The photo above is the pink superwash yarn that I have been spinning over the last several months of podcast spin-ins.  It really is lovely, and I still have about 2/3 of a pound of fiber left.  Lots more of that yarn to spin.

Photos of the sheep breed review can be found on my blog.

Thanks for stopping by, and for listening!

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