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YST Episode 57 Blending Hackle

This unusual and pointy looking object really is a useful tool for blending.  On the hackle is both merino top and dyed angora, being blended into a wonderful top.  In the podcast I talk about the process for using this tool.


I decided not to make a video, even though with this tool it is very helpful to see someone using it.  I made this decision because there are already several good ones by other fiber artists on YouTube.  I recommend Bluemtnhandcrafts videos.  The first of three is here.


The music in this podcast is from Music Alley formerly the Podsafe music network.  The interlude music is by The Rev Jimmie Bratcher and is called Grammy's House.   The closing song is Over Coffee and Tea by The Simple Carnival.


Until later, happy spinning!

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YST Epidode 56 Blending the Tertiary color

In this last podcast on working with color in your spinning, I take the fiber I dyed in the six tertiary colors and discuss how to blend and spin them for a shawl.  There are many options, and I must admit I have not made my final decision.  But I certainly had a good time exploring the possible comibinations and found some lovely multicolored yarns along the way.

I did take some photos along the way, and will have those posted on my blog Yarnspinners.  The photo here is just one of those, showing the fiber blended from two sets of three different colors.

The first part of this podcast is actually reviews of the two books I have used as references for this project.  First is Color in Spinning, by Deb Menz.  The second book is Dyeing to Knit, by Elaine Eskesen.

Music in the podcast is from the podsafe music network (Music Alley).  The interlude music is by Gokul Salvadi and is titled Color Blindness.  The closing song, (indulge me for my love of the blues) is by Doug Macleod and is called Sheep of Different Color.

 Happy Spinning!

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