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YST Episode 59 Washing and Combing five sheep breed locks

How to decide whether to comb or card a fleece once it is washed, is the topic of today's podcast.  I also do a hands on recording of the packet process I use to wash wool locks and then review the results of that project.

In the closing I invite listeners to join the Ravelry group for Yarnspinnerstales, for our first spin along.  In March we are going to investigate spinning singles and knitting with the yarn.

Music in today's podcast is from Music Alley.

Interlude music is by George Winston and is called Be My Valentine Charlie Brown

The closing song is by Vanessa Peters and Ice Cream on Mondays  and is titled, The Maybe Love Song

Until later, happy spinning!

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YST Episode 58 Different Types of Fiber Combs

Fibers combs all are designed to give the spinner lovely top to spin.  But with such a wide variety of type of combs available to the spinner, how does one decide which is right for them?  That is the question I talk about in this podcast, discussing things I know from experience, and from internet research.

One interesting webpost I discovered was about a person's attempt to recreat an old Icelandic comb, which was probably used both from human and animal hair.  That site can be found here.

Several web sources to purchase combs are:

Forsyth Combs

Woodland Woolworks

Susan's Fiber Shop

The music today is from Music Alley

The interlude is by Blake  and is called The Hungarian Love Song

The closing song is by Debbie Cunningham  and is the jazz classic, My Funny Valentine


Until later, happy spinning!

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