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YST Episode 8 February Spin In

It's the month of hearts and pink.  It's still wintery here, but spring is in my heart.  Join me as I sit by the fireplace and spin and talk about my history with the internet.   After all, without this vital interactive web, you would never be able to hear this month's Yarnspinners Tale.



There are other pictures on my blog Yarnspinners.

All music in the podcast came from the podsafe music network. Be sure to go to this and the musicians websites and support them for their generous sharing of music for this podcast.

My Heart by Norman Hedman Tropique provided the toes in the sand feeling.    http://normanhedman.com/

Wren Ross does a song that just made me laugh out loud and I hope you find it just as much fun. You'll recognize the song, but not the words! Her website is http://www.wrenross.com/

The podcast closes with just a modern lovesong in honor of Valentine's Day, The Love Song you Always Wanted.  http://www.deadheartbloom.com/html/news.htm


A big thank you to all that have left comments here, and on my blog.  It truly feels like a gift to read your comments.

Spring will be on it's way by the next podcast, and I think it will be time to open up the windows and get out the dyepots.  I hope you will join me then too.  Until then, happy spinning.


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