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YST Episode 23 Drop Spindles

Happy Holidays listeners!  The main part of this podcast is all about drop spindles.  I talk through the basics of how to spin with one, and then talk about the different spindles I have, and what fibers they spin well.

There's a yarnspinner tale too, although it's an indulgent list crossing off session of holiday happenings. 

As always, there's music to bebop along with as you work or drive, with a holiday theme.  I hope you find the music as enjoyable as I did.

All music is from the Podsafe Music Network.  Today's podcast opens with, What Child Is This? - Greensleeves - classical guitar Christmas instrumental by Derek K Miller.

Next Winzenried a.k.a. Hollywood Drunks gives us an upbeat version of Carol of the Bells.

Pink Christmas by The Moneyshot Cosmonauts is between the segments and the podcast is closed by Hipcola with Winter Wonderland.

OK so it's a cliche...but talk to you next year!  Thanks for listening.

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