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Yarnspinners Tales's Podcast

Welcome!  This is a periodic podcast all about my experiences making yarn through the process of spinning.  All areas of the process are discussed, and there will be something here for any spinner, novice or experienced.  There is a Ravelry group for podcast listeners, called Yarnspinnerstales Spin In. Please join us there.

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Dec 20, 2008

Happy Holidays listeners!  The main part of this podcast is all about drop spindles.  I talk through the basics of how to spin with one, and then talk about the different spindles I have, and what fibers they spin well.

There's a yarnspinner tale too, although it's an indulgent list crossing off session of holiday happenings. 

As always, there's music to bebop along with as you work or drive, with a holiday theme.  I hope you find the music as enjoyable as I did.

All music is from the Podsafe Music Network.  Today's podcast opens with, What Child Is This? - Greensleeves - classical guitar Christmas instrumental by Derek K Miller.

Next Winzenried a.k.a. Hollywood Drunks gives us an upbeat version of Carol of the Bells.

Pink Christmas by The Moneyshot Cosmonauts is between the segments and the podcast is closed by Hipcola with Winter Wonderland.

OK so it's a cliche...but talk to you next year!  Thanks for listening.

Marin Traffic School
fourteen and a half years ago

Very helpful information, thanks!!

fifteen and a half years ago

Hi, listened to your podcast for the first time this episode and enjoyed it. However there was one point you made that I wanted to take issue with.

You stated that before the eightseen hundreds all spinning was done on drop spindle as prior to that the spinning wheel hadn\\\'t been invented. Whilst it\\\'s true that the flyer and treadle were relatively late inventions; before them people were spinning on \\\"walking wheels\\\". The Guild of Longdraw Spinners in the UK have as their logo a picture of a medieval woman spinning on a walking wheel which is taken from an illumination in the Lutterall Psalter c. 13th century.

fifteen and a half years ago

Just found you. I need to catch up and I am currently listening to the beta podcast. Am a new, very new, psinner. I was lucky enough to be able to take Maggie Casey\\\'s Beg. Spinning Class at their shop this past Oct. a truly fabulous intro, starts woth fleece and a drop spindle, moves to a new wheel each week which you get to take home and practice on, then ends with a dye day...all for a small price considering! Wow. Now a lot of other stuff is finally able to fall into place in my head [and hands] because I have a frame of reference for it. Fabulous. Am enjoying it so much and have so so much to learn.

fifteen and a half years ago

Thank you tigggr for your good point. I tend to generalize sometimes, when I record the podcast. I appreciate this good information.

fifteen and a half years ago

So glad you\\\'re back!
I mean to spindle along with the podcast, although I do know the basics.
Looking forward to whatever you want to talk about next!