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YST Episode 66 Learning curves and beaded yarn

I am talking again about the new Majacraft Aura wheel and my learning process as I've spun on it.  Although you may not have this specific wheel, you can listen and apply some of my ideas to any wheel that you would like to expand in your spinning skills.

The second section discusses my crazy idea of putting beads in the yarn before I knit, and how I finally got that idea to work.  The photo here shows that yarn on the bobbin of the Aura.

The music today is a bit different than normal as I recently discovered there are some techno tunes I really enjoy.  So I've included a techno interlude called Hestor is Amused by Johnjack.  If techno is really not your thing, the interludes are short and I give you a chance to turn the podcast off before the end song.  But I really urge you to listen, as I do like the song, Pas De Deux by Lee Negin. 

All of today's music is from Music Alley with my extra thank you to Clare Dowling for my use of her Spinning Wheels as the podcasts intro music.

Until later, happy spinning!

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YST Episode 65 The one for knitters who want to be spinners

Today I decided to podcast to potential spinners, and entice them into the fold, so to speak.  So the podcast is all about taking that first step or two.  Before long you will be a spinner too.

I also included a review of a very good magazine to start you on your way, Knit and Spin by Interweave Press. 

Music in today's podcast is from Music Alley  The interlude is called Music for an unborn podcast and is by Michael van Laar  The closing song is by Cat Malojian Only YouAnd a big thank you to Clare Dowling for her perfect song for the opening of all my podcasts, Spinning Wheel.

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