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I continue talking about my TdF spinning projects in the first part of this podcast.  In the second part, I go over some tips and troubleshooting for an old Ashford Tradition spinning wheel.

The snippet of music today is Wild Mountain Thyme by Big Sea.  

The fiber I started spinning on my Ashford wheel is from Chamomile Connection.  Check out the website, she still has merino/seasilk listed.  And Sheep Street fibers has a fun website to check out too.  That is where I got the dyed Shetland fiber I am spinning.


I used this website for information about the seacell fiber.

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It's that time again, Tour de Fleece errr France.

First update discusses what I have been doing during the first ten days of the tour.  Although the main focus is alpaca, there is one raw fleece processing part too.

The spindle I am using to spin alpaca top came from Linda Dyak, formerly Grafton Fibers, now DyakCrafts.

The three feet of sheep fiber came from Frabjous Fibers.

The wool shampoo I used to wash the fleece came from Namaste Farm's product, found here.

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There's a few odds and ends of old business at the beginning of this podcast, and then I talk about my trip to the Kentucky sheep and fiber festival in May.  

The fiber I have been spinning is CVM batts from Wild Hare Fibers.

I could not find the April fool's joke emailed by the Woolery. Instead, take a look at their blog, it's really interesting.

The new designed drum carder by Majacraft can be seen here.

I must correct something in the podcast, the black merino fiber I got from Ohio Valley is dyed.  It is listed here and all there other colors too.

You can find the Fiber Pusher podcast on her website.

And the Transient Wool Merchants podcast is on this website.

A fiber processing mill is in North Carolina, called Echoview.

And there is a grand opening of the store July 1 2015 for a fiber processing mill in Cynthiana Ky, called Heartfelt Fleece and Fiber.

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