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YST Episode 25 Jan 2009 Spin In

It's a good day for snuggling up with some warm fiber and spinning.  In today's podcast I talk about an unusual fiber cashgora.  And later, while spinning this fiber, I have my yarnspinner tale about balance.

All music in the podcast today has the theme of snow, and I would like to give a big thank you to the following musicians for sharing their songs with us on the Podsafe Music Network.

Snow  by The Standalone

Snowman by the Egerton Boys

Snow by Comfortable

Snow Angel by Laura Hughes

And a final thank you to Clare Dowling for the Spinning Song and Wren Ross for BaaBaa Black Sheep.

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YST Episode 24 Spinning and Dyeing Silk

Slick and shiny top, or interesting and challenging hankies, whatever form of silk fiber you have can be spun and dyed into wonderful yarn.  Today's podcast talk's all about my experiences with spinning and dyeing silk.

I refer to a number of links online during the podcast, so here they are, all conveniently gathered for you in one post.

Sources of fiber and dyes:

Tweenway Silks

Cheryl Kolander with peace silks (Aurora silk)

Silk Things for the instant silk 'teacup' dyes

Paradise Fibers for country classic dyes (or google country classic dyes)

YouTube videos:

Preparing a silk hanky to spin  demonstrated by me

An interesting video of cocoons being reeled

A page of the well known WormSpit silk blog, showing how silk hankies are made

Last but not at all the least, the music in today's podcast.  All music is from the Podsafe music network. Songs in order of appearance are:

Silk Route by Satya

Coffee by Liveloop

Changka by Don't be a Stranger



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